The Greener The Better


The Greener The Better

Peace Pipe & Purple Emperoll

Peace Pipe: Peace pipe is a rapper from an unknown world. All he ever does is to smoke and then write rhymes about his psychadelic moods, everything from paranoia to minchies. "The reason why we pitch up our voices in our songs is that they are so much more fun to listen to, especially under the influence." Peace Pipe is also a herbal activist meaning that cannabis is god given to man.

Purple Emperoll: bio coming soon



The Greener The better - Welcome To The GreenRoom EP (2014)

The Greener The Better feat Blossom - Jasmin

Written and performed by The Greener The better

Produced by Philla

The Grerner The Better - Too Much Spliff

Written and Performed by The Greener The Better

Produced by: Joakizmo

The Greener The better feat Aman - Green Room

Written and Performed by The Greener The Better

and Aman

"Welcome 2 Monkeybwoy Production "