(Mae$trO, Afro B & Jah Samson)

Sisky - Sunny Day

Written and Performed by Sisky

Produced by DJ Enan

© 2016 ™

Sisky, the trio consisting of Mae$trO the founder of Monkeybwoy Production, Afro B with his lyrically thought through punchlines and our own deep voiced rastafarian, Jah Samson. Listen as they ride you through with g-funk-, reggae- ish rhytms.

Don't miss this group this summer. Album's release date coming soon.



  • Sisky - Sisky 4 Life (2016)


Appears on:

  • Afro B - Cash is King (2016)



Sisky - Keep Roing

Written and performed by Sisky

Produced by DJ Enan

© 2016 ™


"Welcome 2 Monkeybwoy Production "