Krazy J


Krazy J a.k.a Mr. Krazy

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Appears on:

  • Alex Ventura - Slavery, The New Fashion (2015)
  • Monkeybwoy Compilation Vol. 2 (2015)
  • Monkeybwoy Compilation vol. 1 (2006)
  • Mae$trO presents One Step Forward (2005)
  • Mae$trO - Good and Sad days Of Maestro (2004)


Krazy J feat Mae$trO - Maan Fuck You (official music video)

Written and performed by Mae$trO & Krazy J

From the mixtape, "One Step Forward" (2005)

Krazy J a.k.a Mr. Krazy - Mr. Krazy Is Back

Written and performed by Krazy J


"Welcome 2 Monkeybwoy Production "