Nigerian Bushman

Nigerian Bushman, a well respected prince from a Nigerian village. He joined Monkeybwoy Productions back in 2005 and he is the one who found Frank a.k.a F=1LUV. He claims that he came from Nigeria in a boat. That he fell a søeep with his mother on a boat while fishing, and when they woke up it was cold. Nigerian Bushman's style is like the sound of his alias;

Tony "Bushman" Maboundou, a young Nigerian with a lot to tell which expains the aggresivity in his voice. He claims it is to represent the youth, giving them a voice. Later on he forced Mae$trO to sign other artists like Notorious B.R.D and Special K whom are also in his group: V.A.D...


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  • Bushman - I Married Her For a Visa (unreleased) (2017, african time)
  • Bushman Introducing Frank - Eba Mixtape (2013)
  • Bushman - Black Crismas (2012)
  • Bushman - Meatballs? I Asked For FuFu (mixtapen) (2012)
  • Bushman - Bushmask(2010)
  • Bushman - Bushmeat (2006)


Appears on:



Bushman feat Frank a.k.a F=1LUV - Not In The Mood

Written and performed by Bushman and F=1LUV

Produced by Joakizmo


Bushman & Notorious B.R.D - Soft

Written and performed by Bushman & Notorious B.R.D

Album: "I Married Her For a Visa"

Produced by Joakizmo

© 2015 MB TV

Bushman - Stil (Bushman Version)

Written and performed by Bushman

Produced by Nasty Cutt

Album: "Meatballs? I asked for FuFu!"

© 2015 MB TV


"Welcome 2 Monkeybwoy Production "