Mr. Bubble Guy


Mr. Bubble Guy

Mr. Bubble Guy hates the term fag, that is like saying the "N" word or the "C" word. He is a proud homosexual who tries to keep it dirty, but yet clean in his music. He moved to Trondheim, Norway as an exchange student. One of his soon to become friends heard him mumbling some lyrics in class and said he had talent.

Mr. Bubble Guy thought that the other guy was hitting on him, but before he knew it, he was in the studio with "Partyboys" and have been making a few songs with them.

He is currently working on solo projects, representing "Gay Pride" and fighting for the homo sexual community.



  • Mr. Bubble Guy - Where Are My Pink Bubbles EP (2014)



Mr.Bubble Guy - The Bubble Shop

Written and Performed by Mr. Bubble Guy

Produced by mf-e

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Mr. Bubble Guy - Where Are My Pink Bubbles

Produced by, mf-e

Written and performed by Mr. Bubble Guy

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