Afro B

Afro B is like the personal bank of Monkey Bwoy Productions. A spoiled kid from rich parents from the town Bryne , situated on the west coast of Norway. He loves to count money, wear bling and brag about how rich he is to an exaggerated extent that he claims he actually owns you. Somehow true because his family is so rich that Afro B has to bring bodyguards to record in his own studio.

He is currently working on an album with his best friend and fellow rapper, PeeWee.

Afro B claims to have come and lived from/in the ghetto before his parents left him a ridiculously loud amount of money.

Afro B does more appearances than he does albums. "If I am to party like I do, have sex like I do, run the planet like I do then it would be understandable why I don't live in the studio like certain other artists to work on their no selling albums" - Afro B



  • Afro B - Cash is King (2016)
  • Afro B - K@$H I$ King the mixtape (2014)
  • Afro B & PeeWee - Peace Out, Cash In EP (unreleased) (estimated releasee 2014)
  • Afro B - Afrobeesiac (2013)
  • Afro B - In The Ghetto (2006)


Appears on:

  • Sisky - Sisky for Life



Afro B's Monkeybwoy Special (drink)


Afro B - Ka Om Eg Va Fattigl

Album: "Afrobeesiac".

Produced by Joakizmo


Afro B - C-Walk / Sisky The Musical

Album: Cash is King / Sisky for Life

Produced: DJ Enan


"Welcome 2 Monkeybwoy Production "