Welcome To Monkeybwoy Production

Monkeybwoy Production is an independent, Underground,HipHop/Rap/Reggae/R&B, empire founded by Mae$trO in 2003 and is an empire with numerous talented artists.

Explore this crazy, world of music as you enter to experience a new world dis-order of beats (mainly produced by Joakizmo , Loka and mf-e), music videos, rap songs, documentaries and behind the scenes material.

Do you dare come on an adventure with us??!!


Welcome to Monkeyshop.

Make sure to watch the documentary : V.A.D: Visa Application Denied

Follow the young prince Tony "Bushman" Maboundou as he tries to become a famous rapper in Europe. Allong on his journey he travels on tour with his band member Notorious B.R.D, Special K with his Oibo (meaning white) wife and friend, J-Doze, who he hired as cameraman to fufill the documentary abou his rise to fame.

"Welcome 2 Monkeybwoy Production "